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Hey there!

During this long break I’ve decided to begin a new adventure: create the site for a talented cartoonist: Claudia Ferraris.

In this site,  you can find some of better drawings of Claudia Ferraris; you can also buy her books: “L’uovo del mare e altre storie per bambini Asperger” (The egg of the sua and another tales for Asperger children) and “La casa gialla e altre storie” (The yellow house and another tales).

You can give this to yous children, certainly they’ll love it.

Visit  for more info.


In love for the life,


[email protected]


This is the site of an excellent webdesigner: [email protected] born, indeed, in 2013 and ’till now he has created three site:


Follow he and his works, you’ll find some interesting works!!!

Madly yours,


Wallpaper #2 – XLS-11



XLS-11: this is a work that I’ve created about two month ago. Is based on a landscape photo that I found on Google.

XLS-11 is an amazing place from whom you can see the Earth and many other planets.

I hope you enjoy it!


P.S. Now you can also download my works, click on the photo and save it on your PC!

Madly yours,


‘Cause I’m only a crack in this castle of glass
Hardly anything there for you to see
For you to see

Linkin Park

Special Collaboration – Liberi di Scegliere ONLUS


News, news, news!!!

For EXPO 2015, the great event organized in Milan, a dear association asked me to collaborate with them to create a tee for the day of the event!

I’ve the assignament to complete: I have to create the graphics of the tee using various images and logos.


See you later, I’m going to bed.


P.S. I’m an Italian guy (you certainly perceive some errors, I’m sorry, I’m still studying), so soon I’ll write the articles in two languages: English, how I’ve done ’til now, and Italian, to extend the site to the people that don’t know English.


Wallpaper #1 – Sherlock

Senza titolo-1


This is a new section called “Wallpaper”, when I periodically will post my wallpapers.

This time I got the inspiration by the epic tv series “Sherlock”, creating a dark wallpaper with a photo of Benedict Cumberbatch edited by myself.

I hope you’ll enjoy this!

Sincerly yours (cit.)


Afghanistan or Iraq?

Sherlock Holmes

Send me yours works!!!

Hey there!

Stand out in this world is very difficult, so I have decided to give you a hand: send your best works to [email protected] and I’ll publish it on my site, in a dedicated category:”See that!”!!!

So, what are you waiting for?!?!?



You only get one shot, do not miss the change to blow.
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.


Whatsapp PS #1 – Inflate your love!

Smoking love

New section!


This section will be dedicated to my Whatsapp profile photo, that represent my actual mood.

This time the photo is dedicated to the love, I hope you enjoy it.


Yeah man, I’m preparing some surprise, stay tuned!



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